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۲۹ اسفند ۱۳۹۱ - ۱۸:۱۲


Regarding to Barack Obama’s fifth Nowrooz massage to Iranian people and leaders, one may remind some Persian proverbs that worth to mention some of them.

As Barack Obama brings up a very famous poem of Hafez, he should have considered another one from Saadi who is as famous and noble as Hafez who wrote: “Oh Saadi it is true that you are the lecturer, the preacher, but the task will be fulfilled by act not by words”
Another one says: “200 words don’t work as a tiny little act will do”
There are many other proverbs and verses regarding the very meaning that just by talking and bluffing and gesturing as the good side of the conflict, no problem will be resolved.
It was better for Mr. Obama to give a tangible present as an Eidi to Iranian people, not delivering some useless kind words, for example, proving he is honest in his friendly signal, could remove one or two specific sanctions which Iranian people are suffering from.
He is going to Israel tomorrow and that made him to congratulate the Nowrooz to Iranian one day earlier than the real day. In fact the content of Obama’s message to Iranian people is hard to believe. Surely the days ahead in Obama’s trip to Israel will show how Hippocratic these remarks are and how true is Iran’s presumption about the real ends of United States.
Iranian people are suffering and it makes not many differences for them because of whom and why they are suffering. They almost correctly blame United States for most of their problems, and now there comes a greeting message. When such a situation comes up, Iranian people surely say: “In Harfa Bara Bibi Tonban Nemishe” It means: “These words don’t make pants for Bi Bi”.

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